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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

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    Dr. Nazemi, You are the best. I love your clear, easy-to-understand, thourough explanations of what my options are.

    - Bob Ruiz
  • Dr. Nazemi is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He has excellent professional skills to help you. The most important part is he cares about you from his heart as if he is the patient. Highly recommended!

    - David M.
  • Wow! The day after July 4 and I was visiting from out of town and got last available appointment. Extreme pain in both eyes - diagnosed as cornea scratches and treated, left with prescriptions and good will. Enthusiastic, professional, friendly - made me feel so at ease. Staff courteous. Highly recommend.

    Show More - Carole K.
  • The staff is super friendly, show concern and empathy. I am a difficult case with other eye issues. Dr. Nazemi used caution and explained so I knew what to expect prior to my cataract surgery in both eyes. Recovery was not easy but I was already prepared.He has been seeing me for over a year now when I walk in it's like visiting old friends! Highly recommend!

    Show More - Teri B.
  • Dr. Pezhman Nazemi is an attentive, warm, and kind ophthalmologist. Service always begins with a supportive and friendly staff, and this was the way I was greeted and assisted through a very thorough eye examination. Dr. Nazemi has the state of the art equipment and he and his assistants explained each procedure of the exams, and listened to and answered all of my concerns and questions. The environment was very beautifully decorated and clean, and the doctor and staff were also very supportive after I had a problem with obtaining my medication with the insurance company. Very happy with Dr. Nazemi and the quality of his service, medical assistants, and professionalism. I felt very comfortable and good about my visit.

    Show More - Bianca S.
  • My life has changed after seeing Dr. Nazemi. I am so happy and grateful for what he has done for me. The staff was friendly, comforting and had a great sense of humor. I would absolutely recommend this clinic. Best experience ever.

    - Debra PopeJoy
  • Early this year, my upper and lower eyelids began drooping to the point that both forward and side vision were impaired. My ophthalmologist suggested that I see Dr. Nazemi and I am I am very glad I did. He perfectly repaired upper and lower lids and removed the under eye pouches. I healed rapidly as it is less than 3 months since the surgery. My friends say I look 10 years younger. Excellent job! I highly recommend Dr. Nazemi.

    Show More - Linda McQuerrey
  • My eye issue s have become a way of every day life of pain for me. As you are aware, the second part of my surgery was completely out of reach for me. I am very grateful to you for doing both procedures on me. I find you to be a very compassionate doctor. You are one in a million. The very best!

    - Nancy Curtis
  • Always a pleasure getting my eyes and eye health checked. Dr. Nazemi and his staff are polite and professional. Highly recommended.

    - Al Silva
  • Dr. Paul Nazemi is one of the finest physicians I have ever met. He is professional, skilled and has a great ability in caring for his patients and listening to their needs. There are times he has been busy attending to his patients, he is worth waiting for, he is the best of the best!

    - Yvonne Bovee